Flights are booked, our solution and product demos are prepped, and the sunscreen is packed – it’s time for Itron Utility Week (IUW) 2019. This year’s event kicks off on Oct. 11 with pre-conference trainings and hits full steam on Oct. 13 with the Knowledge Conference.

Showcasing Itron’s comprehensive solutions and partner offerings, the Knowledge Center is the place to connect with experts and learn more about our technology and partners. This year, we’re excited to share new demonstrations with IUW attendees focusing on:

  • Grid Management, which enables utilities to enhance resiliency, reliability and efficiency; extends secure grid monitoring and control; and optimizes grid operations. Within this area, attendees will learn more about Distributed Energy Management, distribution automation – featuring FLISR (fault location, isolation and service restoration) and Volt/VAR optimization – as well as grid operations and grid resiliency with demonstrations of Itron’s pole sensor solution and new Harsh Environment Bridge.
  • ERTs, together with our customers, we’ve deployed 100+ million ERTs and counting! This proven technology platform has been key to driving significant utility operational savings for decades. Check out how we’re continuing to invest in ERT technology to deliver innovation for utilities while extending the value of those assets. This station will feature Itron’s widely deployed 100-series ERTs as well as new technologies such as the 500W, 500G and OpenWay Riva Gas Disconnect.
  • Intelis Gas meter, the award-winning smart gas meter, which extends intelligence to the edge of the network, moving the gas distribution network from a one-way gas delivery mechanism to an interactive energy network that can deliver gas more safely and efficiently.
  • Temetra, a globally proven cloud-based mobile meter data collection and management solution which is expanding into the North American water market.

While you’re in the Knowledge Center, be sure to tour the Itron Experience to see how our solutions come together to deliver outcomes for utilities and smart cities. There are multiple new areas within the Itron Experience that connect to products and solutions featured in the Knowledge Center, such as:

  • Safety and AMI: Watch an interactive demonstration focusing on Itron’s methane detection and disconnect solution and follow this up with a jaunt to the gas distribution and safety station where you can learn more about how you can enhance safety and efficiency through advanced technology and services; optimize existing business processes by utilizing sensors, communications and analytics; and provide advanced asset management and increased safety to your customers.
  • Take a Load Off! Interactive Game Show: See in real time how the load disaggregation distributed intelligence (DI) application provides insight into consumer energy usage in order to help them better manage consumption. Follow this up with a trip to our distributed intelligence station to learn more about other DI applications such as high impedance detection, residential neutral fault detection, theft via meter bypass detection and Volt/Var optimization.

Also new this year—as part of Itron’s commitment to innovation, we’re exploring groundbreaking concepts using emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Digital Twin technology. Visit us in the emerging technologies area at IUW and take a virtual walk through a Los Angeles neighborhood, change rooftop materials, add clean energy and battery storage and experience the impact to the local environment. Go inside these homes and learn how data drives energy efficiency by giving homeowners the choice to consume electricity primarily when it is available from renewable sources. Continue the virtual journey under the neighborhood, where data delivers a baseline visualization of the water distribution network. Discover how emerging technologies expand the possibilities for anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, expansion and clean energy planning. See the power of data drive the creation of digital twin networks and how virtual results inform solutions to improve the quality of life for real people in real places.

There so much to see and explore at #IUW19 – we can’t wait to see you there! Visit to learn more.

Marina Donovan
Vice President, Global Marketing and Public Affairs - Itron
Marina Donovan has more than 20 years of global technology marketing and public relations experience with a background in data security, networking and mobile. She joined Itron as vice president of global marketing and public affairs in January 2018. Prior to joining Itron, she was vice president of marketing for Silver Spring Networks.