Welcome to Itron’s Forecasting Blog dedicated to energy forecasting related discussions and ideas. For over 30 years, Itron has worked with electric and natural gas clients across North America, Europe and Australia to improve the precision of both short- and long-term forecasting models. With the hours our staff of economists and analysts log on planes, in hotels, and behind computer screens, we’ve had significant time to consider how to solve some of the toughest problems in predicting the future of energy consumption. Our experience and proven results are a true reflection of Itron’s commitment to innovate and keep our fingers on the pulse of the energy industry.

In this blog, we plan to share our reflections on energy industry trends, insights into forecast methods as well as useful tricks in Itron’s forecasting software. The contents of this blog are intended to spark conversation–not a monologue. We invite you to ponder the topics presented and to share your insights as well. Please be considerate and professional when posting.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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