The frontier of smart grid innovation is continuing to accelerate with more devices and applications proliferating across the electricity distribution grid. At Itron, we believe that open platforms will provide the connective tissue that enables all of these systems to work together in concert to deliver reliable, efficient and cost-effective services. Our developer program provides technology venders with the tools they need to connect their device—like power line monitors and smart inverters—to our proven, globally deployed networks. These solutions are already empowering grid operators with unprecedented visibility and control. True transformation will occur when these systems can work together in real-time, leveraging live data streams to generate insight and take action.

Now, we are excited to announce the expansion of the Itron Developer Program to enable developers to build applications that run on Itron meters.

Our Distributed Intelligence Software Developer Kit allows developers to tap into the compute power and real-time data available on Itron OpenWay Riva™ meters. Developers can create applications that leverage meter data in real-time and combine this with critical information like grid location-awareness. In addition to making the meter available as an app platform, Itron will also be providing an app store that enables utilities to securely deploy and manage a portfolio of distributed apps created by both Itron and its developer partners.

This week at IoT World in Santa Clara, our first distributed intelligence (DI) partner, Utilidata, will be in our booth demoing their Volt-VAR optimization application, the first-ever third-party application for Itron meters. The interactive booth demo will highlight how signal processing, embedded in the meter, enables agile grid management and operations through real-time responses to precise conditions and variables. As booth visitors adjust meter voltage, they will see how the technology reacts instantaneously and optimizes energy delivery. Additionally, visitors to the booth will learn how seamlessly this technology integrates into existing infrastructure, maximizing grid investments and powering a new approach to smart grid deployments. The demo will simulate a reduction and increase in voltage supplied in order to optimize grid performance and reliability, meet energy efficiency goals, integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and save energy.

The next wave of innovation has arrived and the possibilities are endless!

So, what will you do with the power of distributed intelligence? We can’t wait to see. Our DI SDK will officially launch in June.

Come visit us at IoT World this week, booth #602, to learn more.

Linda Campbell
Director of Partner Management - Itron
As director of partner management for Itron’s technical enablement team, Linda Campbell manages a team focused on building technology partnerships to provide Itron’s customers with access to a wide variety of complementary products and applications that integrate to Itron’s networking and metering platforms.

Prior to Itron, Ms. Campbell relocated with BlackBerry to Silicon Valley from Ottawa, Canada - where she was responsible for bridging partnerships and ecosystems in the mobile, automotive and IoT segments. Ms. Campbell was part of a startup called QNX Software Systems which was subsequently purchased by Harman International and later, BlackBerry. She held a variety of leadership roles in all three organizations, but is primarily recognized for building a world class alliances practice and an award-winning ecosystem of 100’s of companies in support of QNX’s automotive and other IoT business lines.

Ms. Campbell is an active advocate for women in business at a grass roots level. She has co-founded the Silicon Valley-based Women in Automotive Technology, and most recently, became a charter member of the Canadian Womens Network in Silicon Valley.

Ms. Campbell holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa.