Itron was created by utility executives and engineers who, back in the 1970s, were looking for a better way to collect meter data—one with improved accuracy and speed. This led to the development of the ruggedized handheld computer and transformed how utilities operate. And it started Itron on the path to innovations across the utility space:

  • We revolutionized large-scale residential AMR across handheld, mobile and network solutions—all delivering greater efficiency, accuracy and value.
  • We ushered in the era of AMI, giving utilities more insight into their data and better control than ever before with revenue cycle services, advanced billing and improved customer service.
  • Smart grid solutions for distribution automation, power quality, load control and DR, outage detection/notification/restoration—and more—followed and delivered, increasing value to our customers.

So what’s next? Smart, foundational technologies and networks allow us to push critical intelligence to the very point of service, providing an elastic and efficient infrastructure for analytics, leak detection, outage prevention, predictive maintenance and more. Advancements like distributed intelligence help utilities and smart communities deploy energy and water systems that are safe, secure, reliable and most of all, resilient. We believe this is the inevitable future of utility and city networks. And with the right network, we can create smart communities that fully leverage the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through applications like:

  • Smart streetlights: Itron has connected more than 3 million of them, all around the world. We are leading the way to making communities safer and better connected.
  • Methane sensing: Con Edison is using smart natural gas detectors to communicate leaks from the customer home directly to their emergency department.
  • Prepaid metering: Prepayment solutions help utilities simplify operations, cut costs, reduce delinquent account risks and improve cash flow—and help consumers better manage and budget for energy use.

You can experience this all today. The ability to connect technology, software and services to people and data creates smarter, interactive communities that open the door to new revenue streams, increased operational efficiency, and can make communities safer, smarter and more livable.

Learn how at DistribuTECH 2019 in New Orleans by visiting the Itron Experience. This interactive demo showcases a variety of Itron solutions in real-world situations across urban, suburban and rural areas—highlighting the power of connected technology and the next step in our journey.

Stop by booth 10115 to get the full Itron Experience and enter to win a pair of Apple® Airpods® with the hashtag #ImItronExperienced. Also, be sure to tag and follow #DTECH2019 while you’re in New Orleans to keep up with all the latest DistribuTECH 2019 happenings.

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