We may live on a planet that has 71% of its land mass covered in water, but that doesn’t mean it is easily accessible, let alone drinkable. Water is not an infinite resource, and for many communities across the globe, easy access to water is a constant challenge.

It is estimated that approximately one-third of all water produced by drinking water treatment utilities globally either does not make it to customers or is not properly billed – this is what we call non-revenue water (NRW) loss. We need to do better.

At Itron, we are determined to help our utility and municipality customers make every drop of water count, providing modern water solutions for an industry in transition. Whatever the drivers are for creating easier and more affordable access to water resources — whether that’s overcoming climate-induced water scarcity, combating aging infrastructure or facing an increasing population in urban areas — utilities with as little as 20,000 or fewer endpoints are finding new hope for cost-effective solutions. With this solution, they can ensure water is available and accessible for their communities while helping keep costs low.

By combining our smart devices, intelligently connected industrial IoT networks and analytics solutions, Itron helps our customers gain actionable understanding of water metering and use, water distribution, water leakage and more. Leak detection technology and analytics also support revenue protection for utilities, while smart water technology brings intelligence and action to the very edge of the distribution network. This type of intelligent connectivity helps identify real losses in the distribution system and proactively address them before a leak becomes larger or causes substantial damage to surrounding infrastructure.

Learn more about Itron’s water solutions and revenue protection technology during our virtual Itron Utility Week (IUW), coming up Oct. 27 – 29. Attendees will be able to dig in on a range of topics spanning across four themed tracks: Applications, Outcomes and Services; Multi-purpose Network Solutions; Mobile and Measurement Solutions; and Data Management. Specifically, for those interested in water management, join our sessions focusing on “Reducing Non-Revenue Water through Leak Detection” and “Panel: 3D ROI for Streetlights + Smart Community Applications.”

Want to know more about IUW 2020? Visit www.itron.com/iuw to learn about our virtual content, or watch this video as an introduction to our one-of-a-kind event. Registration is free for Itron customers, partners and prospects.

Stay tuned for additional blogs throughout the next few weeks as we prepare to kick off #IUW20!

Jeff McCracken
Director of Operations Management for Outcomes - Itron
In his role, he is responsible for productizing and delivering value-based outcomes to utilities such as revenue assurance, AMI operations, gas distribution & safety, water operations management, and IoT sensing solutions. Jeff attended Clemson University where he received his B.S. in Civil Engineering. He is also a registered Professional Engineer.