Serving nearly 20 million people and having a peak demand of roughly 32,000 megawatts, the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) manages the wholesale power market and daily operations for New York State’s electrical transmission grid. For more than a decade, NYISO has successfully utilized Itron’s software and services for long-term energy and demand forecasting in the area of transmission planning, as well as short-term operational forecasting to support NYISO’s real-time and day-ahead market operations.

As part of an ongoing project with NYISO, Itron completed the New York ISO Climate Change Impact Study – Phase 1 report in December 2019. The report identifies historical weather trends across more than 20 weather stations in New York State. The ultimate goal of the project was to develop long-term energy, peak and hourly load forecasts that reflect the potential continuation of such weather trends during the next 30 years, as well as the effects of such trends for electricity consumption and the requirements for the transmission grid. Complicating factors include continued growth in behind-the-meter solar generation, increasing proliferation of electric vehicles and state policy to address climate change through electrification.

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Rich Simons
Principal Forecast Consultant - Itron
Since joining Itron in 2000, Mr. Simons has developed, implemented and supported numerous day-ahead and real-time forecasting systems for Independent System Operators (ISOs), retailers, distribution companies, cooperatives and wholesale generators, including NYISO, IESO, TVA, Consolidated Edison, NRG Energy, PSEG and Vectren.

Mr. Simons has implemented systems to support budget & long-term forecasting, weather-normalization, and unbilled-energy estimation for municipal utilities, electric cooperatives and investor-owned utilities, including Ameren, Entergy and FirstEnergy. Mr. Simons has developed forecasting and analysis solutions for municipal water utilities and has developed several customized applications and models for forecasting revenues, managing bills, weather-normalizing sales and estimating unbilled energy. Mr. Simons has reconfigured, streamlined and deployed load research systems at multiple utilities including United Illuminating, Indianapolis Power & Light, TECO Energy, NVEnergy, Colorado Springs Utilities and Lincoln Electric. Mr. Simons has implemented real-time natural gas forecasting systems to support operations at Vectren Energy and Consolidated Edison. In 2019 and 2020, Mr. Simons was a key team-member on a well-publicized report for NYISO to analyze long-term weather trends across the New York state.