Itron recently attended American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) 137th Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE), and for the first time, showcased our new Intelis ultrasonic water meter. On average, more than 30 percent of the fresh water that is pumped daily across the globe is wasted due to leaks and theft—and according to research, 80 percent of utilities are looking to combat that threat by investing in smart water infrastructure, with a clear and increasing trend toward choosing meters with two-way communication capabilities. As our first ultrasonic water metering solution for North America, the Intelis water meter allows utilities to take advantage of the power of data by providing the information necessary to better manage the delivery and use of water—and helps ensure our customers can be as efficient and resourceful as possible.

This latest addition to our North American smart water suite, which will be made available later this year, will help utilities minimize leaks and theft thanks to intelligent, two-way communication. While our Intelis water meter is Itron’s first intelligent, ultrasonic metering solution made specifically for the North American market, the R&D that went into creating it was based on the global expertise we’ve gained as a result of providing ultrasonic meters to utilities around the world for more than 15 years.

This new meter completes our suite of end-to-end smart water management solutions for North America, enabling utilities to take full advantage of their existing smart water investments. What’s more, the Intelis water meter allows utilities to harness the power of data and apply it to better manage the use and delivery of water. When coupled with Itron’s multi-purpose networks, OpenWay Riva or Gen5, the Intelis water meter offers AMI and additional water management capabilities.

Intelis boasts unique key features aimed at helping improve utilities’ resourceful usage of water, including:

  • No hardware maintenance, high-value: With no moving parts, the meter will maintain the same accuracy throughout its lifetime, requiring no hardware maintenance while effectively meeting AWWA standards for residential meters.
  • Real-time intelligence: Real-time alarms and flow data from the meter, coupled with an OpenWay Riva water module, will enable utilities to respond quickly to backflow, leaks or theft.
  • High-quality hardware: The high-quality, robust polyphthalamide polymer exceeds the durability demands of the industry’s traditional metal-based meter bodies.

You can learn more about the meter and request a sample here.

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