The beach bash was a blast. The band rocked. Costumes abounded. Dance moves gave way to late-night laughs.




On Deck for Tuesday

A number of exciting presenters and presentations will take place Tuesday.

The day kicks off with two keynote speakers. Mike Tinskey, Ford’s director, global vehicle electrification and infrastructure, will talk about the company’s global sustainability plans, including plug-in and alternative fuel vehicles. Next up is Sally Hogshead, a motivational speaker, who will teach IUW participants how to utilize their unique personality traits to “fascinate” customers, employers and co-workers. Everyone has had the opportunity to take a personality test beforehand on Sally’s website, so whether audience members are an Authentic, Rock Star or Sheriff (three of 49 possible archetypes), there’s sure to be some heavy introspection and insight.

Tuesday’s breakout sessions are dynamic and varied. Here are a few not-to-miss opportunities:

  • Future Cities – Harnessing the Power of People: Hear from Microsoft and Itron about CityNext and how to harnesses the power of people to create healthier, greener, safer and more prosperous places to live
  • Engaging Consumers with Gamification, Social Media & Behavioral Science: SDG&E and Simple Energy will discuss how utilities can leverage “big data” along with behavioral science techniques and “gamification” to engage customers of all demographics in energy efficiency programs
  • Big Brother, Hackers and the Smart Grid: This session will explore smart meter security and data privacy policies and how to address consumer concerns that their data is safe and will not be used for nefarious purposes
  • Real World Best Practices with IPv6: BC Hydro and Cisco will present the real world lessons learned and best practices for planning, architecture and implementation of secure IP communication networks for AMI

Tuesday ends with well-wishing and few celebratory drinks at the general session closing and reception, where we show photos and time-lapse video from the event. If the communal spirit of the moment doesn’t carry you, the memories sure will.

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