Our final brown bag seminar of the year is entitled Load Research in an AMI World: Why? How? And Results. With market penetration of a range of new technologies, traditional demand econometric models will no longer be sufficient. End-use and technology hourly load profiles will play a bigger role in accurately capturing the impact of these technologies on system loads and peak demand. AMI systems hold a tremendous wealth of information on customer usage that can be mined for developing these profiles and used in supporting forecasting marketing, and developing energy efficiency programs. This presentation shows how AMI data can be mined without having to add-up millions of data points through load research based on large samples and shows results including developing total house load requirements for solar customers.

Join us on Tuesday, Dec. 5.  To register, for this Brown Bag and other forecasting events, go to http://www.itron.com/forecastingworkshops.

Participation is free, but prior registration is required. Each seminar lasts approximately one hour, allowing 45 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for questions. Seminars start at noon Pacific time.  If you can’t attend a seminar or missed one, don’t worry! Your registration ensures that a link to the recording will be sent to you automatically approximately one week after the seminar date.

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Paige Schaefer
Sr Forecast Analyst - Itron
Paige Schaefer directs various web-based projects, including brown bag seminars, internet surveys, and other web-based projects and services. Schaefer manages Itron’s Energy Forecasting Group (EFG), which supports end-use data development, the Statistical End-use Approach (SAE) and coordinates their annual meeting for discussing end-use modeling and forecasting issues. In addition, Schaefer develops, manages and executes marketing campaigns for forecasting products and services and provides software support and documentation. She is responsible for project accounting and support, financial budgeting, accounting and invoicing. Schaefer received a B.S. in Business Administration from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Marketing.