This afternoon, we caught up with Todd Tucker, senior director of solutions marketing at Itron, to learn more about ITRON RIVA™, the new edge intelligence platform that supports sensing technologies and dynamic applications at the device level. Todd let us know that Itron Riva has four key components which include:

  1. Technology that is built on open standards and true interoperability providing and innovation ecosystem open to third party developers rather than single source applications.
  2. A multi-service, multi-application network for electricity, gas and water utilities, gathering the right data from more places, with more ways to increase efficiencies and improve safety and security.
  3. Adaptive communications technology for assured connectivity that utilizes different communication technologies to determine the best network path.
  4. Distributed intelligence, allowing for new capabilities such as analytics at throughout the grid. Custom applications are supported at the device and field area levels, allowing for greater insight into the network through distributed computing.
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