Becca Jones and Roberto Aiello from Itron walked us through how Itron technology is helping to shape the smart cities of the future. Itron enables smart cities to use information and communications technology to enhance livability, workability and sustainability. By accessing information and data collected from devices and sensors across a multitude of infrastructures, such as energy and water, smart cities are able to manage their systems more efficiently and intelligently. Itron solutions help cities become more automated, integrated, intelligent, interconnected and efficient which thereby encourages its citizens to collaborate, innovate and engage in an effort to make smarter, more sustainable choices. A few solutions, which were being displayed at the Knowledge Center include the Itron Insights App, which provides city managers with a digital dashboard displaying energy costs, water revenue and expenses, and CO2 impact. The dashboard also provides a mapping capability that allows users to drill down to further analysis and investigate and mitigate any anomalies or other occurrences. We also learned about the Itron City App which is designed to improve city-citizen engagement and collaboration through citizen reporting and tracking of city-related issues such as potholes, leaks etc. Additionally, there were new educational kiosks on display that cities can use to promote consumer awareness of understanding of smart cities. We’re looking forward to hearing about these technologies and more, tomorrow in Roberto’s session on the latest smart grid tech trends.
Smart Cities

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