With 275 cities adopting energy and water mandates since 2017, utilities, cities and countries across the globe are being challenged to do better and be better at preserving and protecting our planet’s resources. The need for more sustainable solutions and better conservation efforts across the globe is more crucial than ever—and at Itron Idea Labs, we have our eyes on future technology to help us meet the challenge.

If you get the opportunity to visit the Itron Idea Labs team during the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2020) in Las Vegas, Nevada, our theme will be clear – Innovating for a Sustainable Future. Itron Idea Labs is exploring technologies that will extend Itron’s commitment to the resourceful use of energy and water into homes, neighborhoods, businesses and global communities. With 10 projects underway, our CES2020 exhibits display a robust intersection of our work with narrow band IoT, private LTE, microgrids, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Imagine the cumulative impact if every smart home could make energy usage choices based on when clean energy is available on the grid. Our exhibit showcases ML and AI models that are quantifying the potential for emission savings by shifting load for home appliances based on grid emissions data. Consider the urgency felt by hotels and other large commercial or industrial building owners when local laws establish thresholds on greenhouse gas emissions – and set penalties. Stop by and see how Itron Idea Labs is piloting the delivery of data to hotel owners so they can determine their baseline of usage and plan the changes required to satisfy energy efficiency mandates.

In addition, one of the newest Itron Idea Labs projects will investigate the creation of a utility-focused Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service to enable devices and applications in the narrowband space. Our team is exploring how narrow band IoT can deliver previously unavailable convenience and quality of life benefits to isolated homes or businesses in remote regions of the world.

Itron has decades of experience delivering innovative solutions for utilities, cities and businesses tasked with the resourceful use of energy and water. As Itron’s innovation incubator, our projects originate, evolve, pivot and take root through a combination of research, customer discovery, experimentation and prototyping.

We hope you’ll visit our suite at the Venetian Resort (Room 35-307) at CES2020 to learn more about our continued commitment to delivering innovative technology and services for a sustainable future. Email itronidealabs@itron.com to schedule a meeting.

Shaun Brown
Product Manager, Itron Idea Labs
Shaun Brown joined Itron in 2015, coming from a background of technical writing, journalism, publishing and parenting. Upon joining Itron, initial projects included customer-facing documentation highlighting Itron solutions for municipalities and utilities. After a six-month fellowship with the Itron Idea Labs team in 2017, Shaun was invited to join Itron Idea Labs full-time to help with project management, process development and promotion.