Incisor IoT Article

Incisor Magazine recently published an article by Itron’s Roberto Aiello about the Internet of Things (IoT) and moving from simple connections to real-time actions. In the article, Aiello explores what is at the heart of IoT from sensors and networks to plug and play devices.

You can’t have IoT without standards-based technology working in concert, with data coursing through the veins of connected systems. But, simply moving data around will not help us address tomorrow’s challenges or harness new opportunities. We need to think about IoT more broadly and take the next leap from just connecting devices to providing the processing power in them. Thus, enabling devices to take action in the field in real time.

To read the full article, “Rethinking IoT – Moving from Simple Connections to Real-time Actions,” download Incisor magazine’s April 2015 issue at and go to page 13.

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