Last week at IoT World, Itron was shortlisted for its nomination of Con Edison’s methane detectors for the Best Industrial IoT Solution Award and for its nomination of Utilidata’s grid-edge optimization application for the Best Edge Computing Solution Award.

In the Best Industrial IoT Solution category, New York City’s utility, Con Edison, was recognized for its deployment of 9,000 smart natural gas detectors on Itron’s Industrial IoT network to proactively identify natural gas leaks and improve safety. With these devices on its smart meter network, Con Edison can detect natural gas leaks and quickly alert its emergency crews to improve the safety of the communities they serve.

The battery-powered natural gas detectors were developed as a collaborative effort between Itron, New Cosmos and Con Edison through Itron’s developer program. The detectors are the first battery-powered solutions deployed on Itron’s secure, standards-based industrial IoT platform. The devices are easily integrated on Con Edison’s existing network infrastructure from Itron, which they already utilize to manage 3.6 million electric meters and 1.2 million gas modules.

Itron’s collaboration with Utilidata, a software company committed to driving resiliency, sustainability and efficiency for utilities, was also recognized in the Best Edge Computing category. Through the collaboration, Utilidata will offer its industry-leading AdaptiVolt™ voltage optimization capabilities as an application on Itron Openway Riva meters. This grid-edge optimization application enables utilities to leverage the real-time information and distributed intelligence capabilities of Itron meters to optimize the delivery of electric power and reduce energy usage.  

By transforming meters into intelligent edge devices, utilities and software developers can create the next generation breakthrough smart grid applications. This third-party application will be the first available and demonstrates Itron’s commitment to developer enablement and to providing an open platform for third-party innovation.

Itron is committed to bringing innovative IIoT solutions to cities and utilities to transform existing processes and deliver greater safety, innovation and resourcefulness. Congratulations to Con Edison and Utilidata for their recognition at IoT World.

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