Itron – a global technology company that helps utilities measure, manage and analyze energy and water – on Friday celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its West Union, South Carolina manufacturing facility. The event honored and celebrated 50 years of metering innovations at the plant, which is one of the largest employers in Oconee County. The metering and software technologies manufactured at Itron’s Oconee facility are helping build some of the smartest cities in the world. Annually, the Itron Oconee facility manufactures more than 1 million meters that are used by utilities across North America.

The anniversary celebration honored the plant’s employees, the facility’s impact on the local community, and its 50 years of innovations in metering and manufacturing. The event was attended by Itron leadership, including President and CEO LeRoy Nosbaum, President and COO of Itron Energy Philip Mezey and Oconee General Manager of Operations Mike Higgins, as well as state and community leaders, including U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham and State Senator Thomas Alexander.

“Itron’s leadership in innovation is exemplified at this facility, from cutting edge technologies to the automation of the manufacturing line,” said LeRoy Nosbaum, president and CEO of Itron. “We are incredibly proud of the rich history of this plant, which represents the very best of manufacturing technology. We look forward to another 50 years of innovation and empowering utilities to better manage energy.”

The West Union manufacturing plant was first opened in 1962 as meter manufacturing facility for Sangamo Electric Company. In 1975 the plant was acquired by Schlumberger, and in 2004 Itron acquired the company. Under Itron, the West Union facility began manufacturing key smart grid technologies that help utilities balance energy resources, measure and monitor use, implement renewables, and effectively and efficiently serve customers around the world. Itron’s Oconee facility provides customers with the tools they need for a smarter energy future.

“While other manufacturing companies have outsourced the manufacturing process to other countries and sent jobs overseas, Itron has remained committed to keeping meter manufacturing right here in the United States,” said Mike Higgins, general manager of operations for Itron Oconee. “We make meters in America for use in America. As we celebrate this 50 year milestone, we reflect on the importance of keeping manufacturing close at hand to ensure product quality and reduced time to market. We look forward to the next 50 years.”

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