Omron Creative Labs of Omron Electronic Components LLC and Itron Idea Labs will be teaming up to demonstrate the Omron D7S Seismic Sensor and Itron Riva Development Kit to detect and evaluate seismic activity at Sensors Expo and Conference in San Jose, June 27-29.

The demo aims to detect earthquakes earlier, enhance public safety and mitigate damage from secondary hazards such as fire. To achieve this vision, Omron Creative Labs took the Itron Riva Development Kit and created a seismic sensor daughterboard to gather seismic activity, ground acceleration and velocity data using an Itron Riva peer-to-peer network.

The demo is a table-top display featuring a small-scale doll house atop a shake table and outfitted with the Omron Electronic Components LLC’s seismic sensor featuring Itron Riva edge intelligence. Activating the shake table via a tablet device simulates an earthquake. The seismic sensor located in the dollhouse detects the motion of the shake table and sends an alarm message through the Itron Riva network to a natural gas valve for automatic shut off.

The combination of the Omron Electronic Components LLC’s seismic sensor and Itron Riva platform demonstrates how modern urban infrastructure can be used to automate important safety tasks across utilities and public agencies to improve the outcome after a natural disaster, such as an earthquake. With next generation technology, it is possible to revitalize existing city infrastructure and integrate technology into the physical environment to enhance and improve the economy and safety of a city and the daily lives of its citizens.

To learn more about the demo, visit us at the Sensors Expo in booth #1121. For more information on Itron Idea Labs and Itron Riva Development Kits, visit

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