In last week’s blog post, we highlighted what we said on stage during IoT World. This week, we’re going to discuss how our partners helped us showcase the technology that has made Itron a leading provider of IoT technology.

During the IoT Live! tour at our booth, we showcased significant, real products and services that were developed in collaboration with our partners. Ten different Itron partners exhibited how they use our technology to integrate third-party devices and software applications to drive innovations within energy, water and smart cities. We also demonstrated our smart grid and smart city management technology.

Here’s what was exhibited on the tour:

Operational Technology Solutions (OTS), an Australian-based utility solution provider, demonstrated power monitoring on an electricity distribution network. This solution monitors voltage, current and temperature to detect outages and alert operators to a fault location. This works with other OTS sensors such as the transformer monitor and the demand management controller for air conditioners and pool pumps.

Databuoy, a sensor network system developer, exhibited acoustic gunshot detection. This solution sends automated notifications about gunfire in less than one second as well as reports the exact time and location of the shot. This impactful technology resolves bullet trajectory and caliber, as well as multiple shooters. Itron’s Itai Dadon, director of IoT product management, demonstrated how this works during our CEO Philip Mezey’s keynote presentation.

SWIM.AI, an edge computing company, demonstrated how it collaborates with Itron’s sensors to provide real-time insights to traffic flows using edge analytics. This technology analyzes streaming data at the edge, minimizing costly backhaul communications and reducing communications to critical events. It also utilizes machine learning to predict future behavior.

D-tect Systems, a radiation and chemical detection company, exhibited how it uses Itron’s sensors to detect radiation levels at facilities such as nuclear power plants and hospitals and provides immediate alerts via SMS.

eLichens, an air quality sensing startup, showed how it enables high-resolution monitoring and forecasting of CH4 and CO2 with a miniaturized NDIR gas sensor. This can detect gas leaks in 30 to 90 seconds and accurately senses air pollution within 10 meters.
Communithings, an IoT company pioneering smart parking, exhibited how it uses Itron’s intelligent edge devices to improve city parking. The smart parking solution improves the enforcement of citations, accurately detects vehicles and integrates with any camera.

Citilog, a video-based automatic detection system, displayed how its smart streetlighting gathers traffic analytics to monitor roadways and retail locations while providing real-time data to traffic management and transportation systems. This technology saves energy and improves safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Omron, a global leader in automation-based technology, displayed how it obtains earthquake-related information from its sensor by communicating with external devices to alert utility companies when to shutdown services during seismic activity.

Aeroqual, an air-quality monitoring company, demonstrated how it uses our sensors to identify pollution trends and historical patterns using air quality sensors and SLV, our smart city management platform, for real-time data visualization.

Utility Systems Science & Software, a Utility monitoring and control company, demonstrated monitoring wastewater, storm and flood water, integrating the information to the City SCADA and GIS systems using OpenWay Riva.

We also featured our Developer Program, as well as available hardware development kits, APIs and reference applications. Our Developer Program helps solution providers accelerate time-to-market by providing developers with the tools they need to integrate smart devices, sensors and applications with the Itron network.

Thank you to everyone to stopped by our IoT Live! Tour during IoT World this year! Missed IoT World? Be sure to check out our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds to learn more about our role in the future of IoT.

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