The general session opened with addresses from Philip Mezey, Itron’s president and CEO, and Sharelynn Moore, vice president, corporate marketing and public affairs.

This year’s theme, Be Resourceful, ran throughout the presentation. The theme focuses on the idea that we must collectively learn to live, work and operate more efficiently as businesses and individuals.


“Itron is moving beyond the bounds of existing smart metering solutions to extract more value without additional strains on resources—in effect, doing more with less,” said Moore.


We showcased our community investment activities in South Africa, where Itron has manufacturing facilities for smart payment electricity meters. As part of the community investment efforts, Itron contributed to the construction of a PlayPump for an elementary school in Sol Plaatje. You can read the original press release here.

“When we build stronger communities in places where our global Itron team lives and works—leveraging Itron’s unique expertise and financial resources—we can have a direct, measurable impact on how local people and communities manage energy and water,” said Mezey.

Mezey alluded to the later keynote address from Dr. Michael Even Webber, of the Webber Energy Group, who spoke about the energy-water nexus. “Saving water is all about saving energy, and vice versa,” Mezey said.

Check in later for excerpts from Dr. Webber’s presentation and an exclusive on-the-street interview about what the utility industry can do to bring the energy-water nexus in greater balance.

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