With the safety of our customers and employees in mind, Itron Utility Week (IUW) will be a completely virtual experience this year. Although we are disappointed that we won’t be able to see your smiling faces in person, virtual events have unique advantages.

To help you make the most of IUW 2020, hosted Oct. 27 – 29, we have put together a list of tips to maximize your virtual experience.

  1. Set the Vibe: Even though we cannot enjoy IUW 2020 together in person at a fabulous location far away from home, you can still make the event feel special and set the tone for a refreshing experience. Give yourself time before the event starts (8 a.m. Pacific each day) to make a cup of coffee or tea, clear off your desk and get comfortable. If possible, ensure minimal interruptions by informing your at-home colleagues or family that you will be attending an incredible event for the next few hours. During the event, you can even share your set up with us by posting a photo to social media and using hashtag #MyIUW.
  2. Dress for the Occasion: Several studies have shown that the clothes you wear actually prime your brain to function differently. To ensure you are ready to take in everything IUW has to offer, wear something that makes you feel confident, put together and ready to tackle industry challenges with us and your peers.
  3. Interact with Others: The IUW team has been working hard to put together breakout sessions and engagement tools such as Q&A and surveys to ensure that you can interact with other attendees during the event. Please take advantage of these tools and don’t be afraid to ask questions during breakout sessions—almost all have time allotted for Q&A.
  4. Be Present: With a virtual event, it is easy to get distracted by email, your phone, your pets or even snacks calling your name from the kitchen. Ensure that you soak up every thoughtful insight during IUW by minimizing distractions and staying focused. For some, this may even mean keeping your hands busy.
  5. Get Social: We want to hear your thoughts and takeaways during the event, so follow @ItronInc on Twitter and use #IUW20 when tweeting about the event. Each day, we will be announcing the top influencers using the #IUW20 hashtag on Twitter, so get social for your chance to be on the leaderboard. We also created a LinkedIn event page, where you can have discussions with other event attendees and network.

We cannot wait for our very first virtual IUW! If you haven’t already, be sure to register today at no cost to you.

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