Itron and Discovery Education’s joint educational outreach program, Conservation Station: Creating a More Resourceful World, launched last week. This new corporate social responsibility-based educational program was developed to engage and educate middle school students about smart cities initiatives and the interdependent relationship between energy and water through the lens of conservation. Designed to provide access to digitally immersive and educational experiences, this inaugural Smart Cities Virtual Field Trip premiered LIVE from Itron’s Innovation Center in San Jose, California on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Over 1,400 classrooms registered for the Smart Cities Virtual Field Trip that transported students beyond the walls of their schools and learning centers for a behind-the-scenes tour of Itron’s Innovation Center, where they learned about what makes a city smart and how sustainable communities play an essential role in conservation. Students also learned the relationship between energy and water, including how innovative urban technologies are solving today’s conservation challenges.

Itron is committed to teaching the next generation about the importance of conservation, and this new initiative aims to encourage a national dialogue on the importance of students’ understanding of current and future energy needs. The program material dives into the relationship between energy and water and how innovative technologies are working to conserve both resources through the core pillars of resourcefulness: effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

Itron is proud to partner with Discovery Education to create a more resourceful world.

To learn more, visit or read the full press release here.

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