For many years, the model for innovation in our industry was based on a reactive case-by-case basis. A utility or city would recognize a need and then source partners in search of a solution. In creating our Partner Enablement Team and the Itron Developer Program, Itron’s mission is to drive proactive development of solutions in anticipation of industry challenges much earlier in the process. We do this by providing access to necessary enabling technology and support resources for developers and customers alike. We also invest in recruiting best-in-breed solution providers to join the Itron ecosystem.

Embracing an open approach to developer enablement, the Itron Developer Program drives rapid innovation by equipping developers with the resources they need to bring solutions to market. Providing developers with access to tools, a rich library of data streams, communications modules and intelligent edge devices through an open platform, the Itron Developer Program creates an environment where utilities, cities and developers can collaborate to enable a vibrant ecosystem of solutions.

With this new approach to innovation, many Itron customers are creating and deploying breakthrough solutions to improve resource efficiencies, enhance safety or connect communities. The second annual Itron Innovator Award will recognize one of these innovative utilities or cities that has taken advantage of a partner-created solution or the developer program itself. Nominate an Itron customer here and learn more about the Itron Developer Program here.

Linda Campbell
Director of Partner Management - Itron
As director of partner management for Itron’s technical enablement team, Linda Campbell manages a team focused on building technology partnerships to provide Itron’s customers with access to a wide variety of complementary products and applications that integrate to Itron’s networking and metering platforms.

Prior to Itron, Ms. Campbell relocated with BlackBerry to Silicon Valley from Ottawa, Canada - where she was responsible for bridging partnerships and ecosystems in the mobile, automotive and IoT segments. Ms. Campbell was part of a startup called QNX Software Systems which was subsequently purchased by Harman International and later, BlackBerry. She held a variety of leadership roles in all three organizations, but is primarily recognized for building a world class alliances practice and an award-winning ecosystem of 100’s of companies in support of QNX’s automotive and other IoT business lines.

Ms. Campbell is an active advocate for women in business at a grass roots level. She has co-founded the Silicon Valley-based Women in Automotive Technology, and most recently, became a charter member of the Canadian Womens Network in Silicon Valley.

Ms. Campbell holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa.