Two new ways to utilize AMI networks and data to extract more value out of existing assets.

To complement Itron’s new 100T-CP Cathodic Protection Module, which monitors pipeline integrity and transmits over Itron’s Fixed Network, a new cathodic protection module has been added to the Itron Analytics suite of applications. The module will query test stations within the communications network and alert utility operators to potential pipeline degradation, corrosion or damage. Traditionally, pipeline monitoring would require manual surveys—oftentimes performed yearly. With the 100T-CP and analytics pairing, utility operators benefit from automated, near-real-time, proactive monitoring and maintenance.

“The Itron Analytics cathodic protection module offers immediate insights into what’s going on in the field—it’s essentially automated safety and revenue protection,” said Jeff Owen, product line manager.

Itron is also launching a customer portal module.

According to Brian Fiut, product line manager, “The consumer web portal lets the consumer take control of their own consumption, from home, on a web browser or on a mobile device. Using this interface, they can view their own consumption for the last year, down to an hour. They also have the ability to set goals for themselves to manage their own consumption and compare their consumption against their peers.”

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