The whole Itron portfolio. The dedicated people who helped create it. The customers who use it at work to manage energy and water. All in one place.

That’s the Knowledge Center.

The Knowledge Center is a gathering place for anyone seeking information about Itron products and solutions. A casual stroll around the booths reveals the essential ingredients for IUW success: questions and answers, dialogue and collaboration. Open-source information in a fun atmosphere.

It’s a great place to decompress and digest between breakout sessions or after meals, to strike up chance conversations with your industry peers, or just take a seat, reflect and relax.

New, notable booths this year:

Itron Analytics
Now that we have all this data from AMI and smart grid, what do we do with it? Itron product managers’ created the Itron Analytics suite of applications to answer just that. The applications take energy and water data, combine it with other data sets like weather and GIS, then display it in intuitive dashboards so operators can interpret, decide and act.


Itron Embedded Sensing
We have smart grid, AMI and AMR networks; what else can we do with them? Itron Embedded Sensing squeezes more value out of these networks. The platform combines metrology and sensing technologies with control software and flexible communications options. This allows you to do more without big capital investments in infrastructure.


AMI data was a good first step for enhancing system integrity, but as utilities face greater scrutiny from regulators and customers, what else can be done to expand sensing and control capabilities? Itron telemetry products package our communications modules with sensors and control devices to streamline pipeline monitoring activities, enable unprecedented safety features, and ultimately, keep consumers safe.

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