Smart Charging as Collaborative Energy Exchange Lowers Barriers, Gives Control to Consumers

EV Charging

Our Nissan Leaf is an exciting addition to the Knowledge Center. One can’t help but hop in and see what the future of transportation holds.

“Cool” was the most common utterance from passerbys.

Next to the Leaf is a Clipper Creek charging station with embedded Itron communications and metrology, part of the Itron Embedded Sensing platform. The revenue grade metrology enables utilities to work directly with businesses or consumers on dynamic pricing strategies like time-of-use rates or demand response programs. The communications technology—using RF, ZigBee or WiFi—gives consumers and utilities alike unprecedented visibility into when and how consumers are charging their vehicles.

Click here for a quick video detailing how the smart charging system works.

The collaborative model replaces more traditional models where third-party vendors stand between end consumers and utilities, essentially acting as energy brokers. With the Clipper Creek charging unit, utilities can offer advantageous rates to consumers who, for instance, charge during off-peak hours or elect to participate in demand response events. This direct interaction incents the kinds of consumption behaviors that balance grid loads while saving consumers money.

“We’re connecting buyers and sellers in what the industry is starting to call a ‘collaborative energy exchange’. We put the power and control into the hands of those who can do the most good with it—consumers,” said Itron’s Stephen Johnson, product line manager, energy management.

Fast. The 240v, 40 amp charger will top EVs off in under three hours. In addition, the charging station uses existing infrastructure such as AMI communications networks as well as home or business WiFi. Best of all, consumers can control the charger remotely with mobile devices.

Johnson continues, “Their asset. Their energy. Their data.”

The EV charger is part of the Itron Embedded Sensing platform, which combines metrology and sensing technologies with control software and flexible communications options to enable collaborative exchange networks.

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IUW Hits Orlando: Newcomers Meet IUW Advisory Board, Itron

As the more than 1,000 attendees flooded into the Hyatt Regency (formerly Peabody) Orlando on Sunday, Itron Utility Week started to take shape. Utilities from all over North America, and even some select international guests, showed just how diverse the group is. Investor owned, municipal, co-op; electricity, gas, water, thermal and combo—everyone excited to exchange hands and network with industry peers.


Newcomers had a special First Timer’s Reception with the Itron Utility Week Advisory Board and Itron’s executive management team. It was a unique opportunity to ask IUW veterans questions and learn how to maximize the value of the event. Attendees played bingo to search out and meet industry peers.

Newcomers hailed from countries such as Mexico, Ghana, Columbia, the UK, Argentina, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil and Australia.


An opening networking reception followed. Friends and colleagues from past years reconnected, while new friendships were forged. The sentiment was upbeat, the conversations lively, the food and drinks tasty.

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Knowledge Center Opens with Air Abuzz


The Itron Utility Week Knowledge Center opened this afternoon to the familiar sound of fun and laughter. As we write, customers are getting their first look at the expansive hall, the biggest ever.

A group of customers have already been here since Friday, when the pre-conference training began. Pre-conference training sessions ended earlier today. We ran into a number of participants yesterday evening.

“We wouldn’t miss it—great training,” exclaimed an MV-RS operator from Calgary.


Next up is the First Timer’s Reception later this evening, followed by the Networking Reception. Orlando is threatening a storm, so tonight’s events will be moved inside. Mother Nature made the call on the venue, but she won’t disrupt our plans for an opening celebration.

Welcome, IUWers. Enjoy the conference!

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IUW Monday Preview: Dr. Webber on Energy-Water Nexus, Exclusive Media Briefing, Utility Presentations, Beach Bash



Itron Utility Week opens tomorrow with an exciting keynote from Dr. Michael Even Webber, of the Webber Energy Group. A regular contributor to various energy policy and research institutes, as well as an associate professor at UT-Austin, Webber will speak about the interdependence of energy and water, aptly named the energy-water nexus. A leading expert, Webber often points out that what is good energy policy may not always be good for water policy, and vice versa. Vast amounts of water are used in energy production and significant energy resources go into extracting, purifying, transporting and treating water.

The day continues with an exclusive media and analyst briefing, which will be streamed live. Itron executives, key customers and partners will speak about development plans, project updates and other exciting news. To take part in the event, click here.



Over two-thirds of the general session presentations are led by utilities. Tracks include Advanced Data Collection & Communications, Advanced Metering & Measurement, Analytics & Applications, Consumer Engagement, Data Management & IT, and Smart Grid.

Tomorrow’s sessions will offer unprecedented insights into what the industry is doing and where it is headed. Here are some highlights:

  • Improving Outage Management through AMI Integration: DTE will cover business process integration, customer communication, benefits and other topics related to successful OMS implementation.
  • Creating Energy-Savvy Consumers: Discover how CenterPoint Energy is empowering customers to be more engaged energy consumers
  • The Convergence of Analytics & Conservation Voltage Reduction             : Find out how Avista Utilities’ smart grid demonstration project is using Conservation Voltage Reduction to improve power quality and lower costs
  • Advancing Smart Distribution Grid Operations: Hear from Itron and Alstom about how a Layered Intelligence Platform helps enhance fault location and outage management processes to improve grid reliability and customer satisfaction

And that’s just the start.

BC Hydro, SDG&E, PGE, Southern California Edison, MidAmerican Energy Company, ConEdison, JEA, Aqua America, SEMCO, Peoples Gas, Jefferson Energy Cooperative, National Grid, ERCOT, Alagasco, Equitable Gas, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Glendale Water & Power, Pike Research, TNMP, Microsoft, Xcel, NIPSCO, IBM,  Cisco, Verizon, Qualcomm—all presenting tomorrow.


Monday ends on a high note: The Beach Bash. Last year’s tailgating party, with football regalia and face paint, was a hit. We can’t wait to see what this year brings.

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Tune in Tomorrow: Live IUW Media Briefing with Itron Executives, Customers and Partners

Sharelynn Moore, Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Public Affairs


Join us for an exclusive media briefing. In the streaming broadcast, Itron executives will unveil the latest company news and developments. In addition, key customers will offer updates on large projects and partners will discuss future initiatives.


Itron Webcast Media Briefing
Monday, October 7, 2013
10:00 – 10:45 a.m. EDT

To register for the webcast, visit this website (password is Itron2013wc). In advance of the briefing, please test your connection at and click on any “live now” show. Be sure to close other applications to maximize bandwidth.

Click here to add it to your calendar.


For more information, please contact Alison Mallahan at

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Itron Utility Week, Created for and Sustained by Utility Industry Leaders, Kicks off Sunday with Focus on Being Resourceful

Itron Utility Week 2013


Itron Utility Week brings together nearly 1,000 industry experts from some of the largest utility companies in the U.S. to talk about trends and challenges, as well as share best practices.

Rapidly growing populations, aging infrastructure, government mandates, new alternative energy sources and a new breed of engaged consumers are changing the way energy and water will be managed for generations to come.

This year’s theme is Be Resourceful. The event will focus on innovative technology and holistic strategies that are paving the way for a more resourceful world. As providers of energy and water, utilities will play heavily in these efforts.

What Is Itron Utility Week?

Itron Utility Week 2013 is Itron’s annual customer event where gas, water and electric utility customers from across the country meet to discuss emerging trends and share best practices. The 2013 conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency (formerly Peabody) Orlando.

  • Itron invites media and industry analysts to attend Itron Utility Week 2013. To register as a member of the media, please contact Alison Mallahan.
  • Media unable to attend the event in person are invited to watch a webcast media briefing on Monday, October 7 at 10 a.m. EDT, featuring Itron executives who will unveil the latest company news and developments along with updates from our customers and partners. To register for the webcast, visit this website (password is Itron2013wc).

When Is The Event?

Itron Utility Week runs from October 4 -11, 2013. The Knowledge Conference including main conference sessions will be held October 6-8, with pre-conference training October 4-6 and post-conference training October 9-11.

Who Is Presenting?

Keynote speakers at Itron Utility Week include:

  • Michael Even Webber, PhD., Associate Director of the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin. Webber will share insights on the convergence of energy and water, providing an overview of global energy, water and information trends to describe how they interact, what conflicts are looming and how they can work together.
  • Mike Tinskey, Director, Global Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure at Ford Motor Company. Tinskey will share insights on Ford’s efforts to develop and implement new products, business models and partnerships in sustainability and the advancement of electric and alternative fuel vehicles.

Itron will also host a series of panel discussions throughout the conference. Please see a selection below. A full list of panel sessions is available here.

  • Big Brother, Hackers and the Smart Grid: Are smart meters secure? What do utilities do with all that data? And what assurances do consumers have that their data will be kept private? This session will explore smart meter security, data privacy policies, and how to address consumer concerns that data is safe.
  • Engaging Consumers with Gamification, Social Media and Behavioral Science: Engaging consumers is both an art and a science. This session will explore how utilities can leverage "big data" along with behavioral science techniques and "gameification" to engage customers in energy efficiency programs through social media and other channels.
  • Cyber Security 101: Ensuring Privacy and Preventing Attacks: This session provides an overview of cyber security and what it means for utilities. It will explore policies, procedures and operational impacts of security, as well as certificate management, policy authentication, encryption and administrative controls.
  • Smart Grid: The Foundation of Smart Cities: This session features discussion around the relevance of the smart grid for smart cities and how the convergence of energy and water with advanced communication technology serves as one of its most critical components. Itron, IBM and Microsoft, members of Smart Cities Council, will share how the smart grid industry is impacting urban sustainability.

Where Is The event?

Hyatt Regency (formerly Peabody) Orlando, 9801 International Dr., Orlando, FL 32819



You Still Have Time to Register for Itron Utility Week

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Itron Collaborates with Microsoft on CityNext Initiative

As cities around the world face aging infrastructure, growing urban populations, government mandates and shrinking budgets, managing energy and water is critical to ongoing economic prosperity, resource conservation and social well-being. Itron and partners like Microsoft aim to help cities address these pressing challenges.

Microsoft announced CityNext, a global initiative empowering cities, businesses and citizens to re-imagine their futures and cultivate vibrant communities, at its Worldwide Partner Conference on July 10. As part of this initiative, Itron collaborated with Microsoft to design and deliver Itron Insights, an energy and water analyzer application.

The Itron Insights application, based on Windows 8 and Windows RT, provides cities with a clear view into energy costs, water revenue and expense, and CO2 impact. City leaders will have access to energy and water budgets and baselines, organized by locations and facility type. Easy to use dashboards with mapping capability offer access to energy and water expense tracking with drill down capability for further analysis. The dashboard also includes embedded alerts and task management to mitigate and investigate anomalies promptly for effective resource optimization.

Utility Industry Leaders Bob Sitkauskas and Brad Long Join Itron Utility Week Board of Directors

The Itron Utility Week board of directors recently gained two new members: Bob Sitkauskas, manager of AMI for DTE Energy’s Major Enterprise Project organization, and Brad Long, senior data translation specialist with Puget Sound Energy’s Meter Data Integrity team. Itron Utility Week is the utility industry’s premier customer-focused conference, providing Itron customers with the opportunity to learn from other utilities as well as Itron partners and employees to drive better management of energy and water resources.

Sitkauskas brings over 35 years of experience at DTE Energy to the Itron Utility Week board of directors. In his current role at DTE Energy, Sitkauskas is responsible for the business case design and implementation of DTE Energy’s AMI system. When fully implemented, the AMI system will provide reads for over 4 million electric and gas meters. Long has specialized in supporting Puget Sound Energy’s MV-90 system for the last 9 years and most recently, lead efforts to upgrade the platform to version 3.0. In addition to these responsibilities, he also handles the validation of usage and billing data for PSE’s largest power customers.

As members of the Itron Utility Week board of directors, Sitkauskas and Long will play an integral role in shaping programming for the conference, which takes place annually in the fall. This year, Itron Utility Week will be held October 4 – 11, 2013 in Orlando. During the conference, the 14-member board is an important resource for attendees, ensuring they get the most out of the Itron Utility Week experience.

For more information about Itron Utility Week, visit

Email Delivery Tips

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Cvent employs a zero-tolerance policy with regard to unsolicited email. Given Cvent's strict position on unsolicited emails, we continue to partner with Cvent for event registration to ensure a smooth registration process for Itron Utility Week attendees.

If you believe you have missed an email communication from us, please take the following steps to ensure delivery.

  1. Check your spam filter and add to your Safe Senders List in your email program.
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Thank you for your interest in Itron Utility Week. If you continue to have issues regarding email delivery, please contact us at or by leaving a comment below.



Itron Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Flagship Smart Meter Manufacturing Facility

Itron - a global technology company that helps utilities measure, manage and analyze energy and water - on Friday celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its West Union, South Carolina manufacturing facility. The event honored and celebrated 50 years of metering innovations at the plant, which is one of the largest employers in Oconee County. The metering and software technologies manufactured at Itron's Oconee facility are helping build some of the smartest cities in the world. Annually, the Itron Oconee facility manufactures more than 1 million meters that are used by utilities across North America.

The anniversary celebration honored the plant's employees, the facility's impact on the local community, and its 50 years of innovations in metering and manufacturing. The event was attended by Itron leadership, including President and CEO LeRoy Nosbaum, President and COO of Itron Energy Philip Mezey and Oconee General Manager of Operations Mike Higgins, as well as state and community leaders, including U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham and State Senator Thomas Alexander.

"Itron's leadership in innovation is exemplified at this facility, from cutting edge technologies to the automation of the manufacturing line," said LeRoy Nosbaum, president and CEO of Itron. "We are incredibly proud of the rich history of this plant, which represents the very best of manufacturing technology. We look forward to another 50 years of innovation and empowering utilities to better manage energy."

The West Union manufacturing plant was first opened in 1962 as meter manufacturing facility for Sangamo Electric Company. In 1975 the plant was acquired by Schlumberger, and in 2004 Itron acquired the company. Under Itron, the West Union facility began manufacturing key smart grid technologies that help utilities balance energy resources, measure and monitor use, implement renewables, and effectively and efficiently serve customers around the world. Itron's Oconee facility provides customers with the tools they need for a smarter energy future.

"While other manufacturing companies have outsourced the manufacturing process to other countries and sent jobs overseas, Itron has remained committed to keeping meter manufacturing right here in the United States," said Mike Higgins, general manager of operations for Itron Oconee. "We make meters in America for use in America. As we celebrate this 50 year milestone, we reflect on the importance of keeping manufacturing close at hand to ensure product quality and reduced time to market. We look forward to the next 50 years."

Itron’s Liberty Lake Headquarters Achieves LEED Gold Level Certification

Itron's corporate headquarters located in Liberty Lake, Wash. has been granted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification by the U.S. Green Building Council at the gold level.

The roughly 200,000-square-foot building purchased in 2004 is the first Itron facility to qualify for LEED certification by incorporating key principles of sustainability in existing building operations and maintenance. These principles included water conservation, waste management and energy efficiency; nontoxic materials and recycled/reused materials; and balance between environmental and economic considerations, and proximity to public transportation.

LEED certification highlights at Liberty Lake include: 
• Low flow water fixtures 
• Energy efficient lighting and controls 
• Expanded recycling efforts, including office supplies 
• Compostable material use in the cafeteria reducing the landfill footprint 
• Nontoxic paints in adhesives, carpets and building materials 
• Green cleaning standards and supplies 
• Natural fertilizers and pest control for landscaping/facility

At its other facilities, Itron has been incorporating many LEED best practices, including energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management.

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