Celebrating Breakthrough Innovations with the Itron Developer Program – Submit Your Nomination Today

For many years, the model for innovation in our industry was based on a reactive case-by-case basis. A utility or city would recognize a need and then source partners in search of a solution. In creating our Partner Enablement Team and the Itron Developer Program, Itron’s mission is to drive proactive development of solutions in anticipation of industry challenges much earlier in the process. We do this by providing access to necessary enabling technology and support resources for developers and customers alike. We also invest in recruiting best-in-breed solution providers to join the Itron ecosystem.

Embracing an open approach to developer enablement, the Itron Developer Program drives rapid innovation by equipping developers with the resources they need to bring solutions to market. Providing developers with access to tools, a rich library of data streams, communications modules and intelligent edge devices through an open platform, the Itron Developer Program creates an environment where utilities, cities and developers can collaborate to enable a vibrant ecosystem of solutions.

With this new approach to innovation, many Itron customers are creating and deploying breakthrough solutions to improve resource efficiencies, enhance safety or connect communities. The second annual Itron Innovator Award will recognize one of these innovative utilities or cities that has taken advantage of a partner-created solution or the developer program itself. Nominate an Itron customer here and learn more about the Itron Developer Program here.

Virtual Training for Sales Channel Partners Available with Itron University

At Itron, we are investing in and supporting our channel partners to drive our collective success and more importantly, solve our customer’s challenges, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Itron University, our significantly enhanced online training platform for our channel partners, offers our channel partners to learn about our products and solutions while practicing social distancing.

Previously, Itron hosted in-person training for channel partners as the main vehicle to share product and solutions knowledge. As part of the Itron channel strategy and in an effort to make the training more accessible and scalable, we have introduced Itron University which forms the foundation of our new Global Sales Channel Partner Program, Itron Engage. Designed to equip partners to sell and support Itron’s solutions, Itron University provides educational resources and best-in-class support to ensure that partners have the information they need to be successful.

Itron University educates our channel partners on the breadth and depth of Itron’s solutions and allows more people to participate in online training from their at-home offices. Channel partners can become certified on Itron’s products and solutions at their own pace and in an on-demand environment. This is a major shift and provides the flexibility that our channel partners demand in light of this new normal that we live in today.

If you are interested in being a part of an Itron Engage Sales Channel Partner and utilizing Itron University, click here.

Ensuring the Security of the United States’ Bulk-Power System

Electricity is essential to our quality of life. In good economies and bad, in times of plenty and times of crisis, when we flip on the light switch, we trust the lights will come on, every time. Behind the scenes, utilities are working hard to safely and reliably deliver that electricity to America, and cyber security is an essential component of their operations and Itron’s.

To prevent the crippling impacts of malicious cyberattacks, President Trump issued an “Executive Order on Securing the United States Bulk-Power System” on May 1, 2020. The executive order (EO) prohibits the procurement of bulk-power electrical equipment subject to the direction of a “foreign adversary.” Details are still unfolding as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) plans to issue additional guidance and promulgate regulations for implementing this order over the next 150 days.

For providers of critical infrastructure, this EO should promote investments in cybersecurity and preparedness, which Moody’s Investors Service said is “credit positive” for electric utilities. In fact, Moody claims that this order may incite positive change, encouraging suppliers to invest in cybersecurity practices.

Since this EO could have implications for utilities and electrical equipment providers, Itron is actively tracking this issue and consulting with DOE and various industry trade associations to better understand the order’s jurisdictional reach.

Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Brouillette has said the Administration “will be looking to leverage domestic manufacturing opportunities as a way to strengthen the security of the bulk-power system.” As a U.S.-based company with domestic manufacturing, Itron does not expect to be significantly impacted by this EO. Generally, what we sell in America, we make in America.

At Itron, we agree that grid security is foundational to the reliable and resilient delivery of electricity in America, and this is an area where we are very focused. Itron works with third-party industry security experts, which has included efforts with DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory, to ensure our products and services are assessed independently for security integrity and cyber resilience.

Reliable access to electricity is a vital service and ensuring the security of the electric grid is more essential now than ever.

We will provide updates on this EO as we learn more over the next 150 days.

Addressing COVID-19

Dear Customers and Partners,

Over the past several weeks, Itron has continued to monitor and navigate through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This situation continues to be extremely dynamic, and information is changing daily, in some cases hourly. During this unprecedented time, we are working to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees as well as the continued success of our customers and partners. To this end, Itron’s Coronavirus Internal Crisis Management Team has been meeting daily since late January to determine the policies and measures the company is undertaking globally.

As the situation continues to escalate, we are committed to slowing the spread of the virus by instituting precautionary measures, such as social distancing, to do our part to “flatten the curve”. As a company, Itron has taken the following steps to ensure customer success, protect employees and support our communities:

Employee and Customer Safety

  • Itron has made a company-wide decision to promote working remotely to do our part to help slow the spread of the virus, while providing business continuity for our customers. Itron has instituted a work from home program for all employees that can productively do so until further notice. We have adapted our factory operations to best optimize safety and output.
  • Out of an abundance of caution, Itron is cancelling participation in events until further notice and has halted business travel to some geographies and limited travel to business-critical only.
  • We are asking all employees to take normal flu season precautions. This includes staying home if they feel ill and encouraging frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds.

Customer Success

  • As always, our priority as a company is to ensure customer success and business continuity.
  • Our dedicated material management team continues to actively work to assess and mitigate global supply risks around the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • We are mapping the components within our supply chain and are verifying risk from suppliers in impacted regions, and we are now assessing how the component level constraints will impact finished goods and ultimately customer deliveries. If there are any product delivery disruptions, we will directly communicate with the affected parties as quickly as impacts are known.
  • Our factories have worked to pull forward material supply, when possible, to limit the impact to our operations in case of disruption.
  • We are in daily contact with our logistics partners to understand potential risk in the global logistics network.

Supporting Communities

  • At Itron, we recognize the power of community to come together in challenging times. We are working closely with our community partners to respond to immediate need and create a positive impact in the many regions we serve. Specifically, we:

With these measures in place, our intent is to keep our communities safe and healthy while meeting our daily business operations. We understand that during this unique situation there is no business as usual, but we will continue to deliver the highest level of support and service to our customers and partners.

We are committed to be a direct, transparent partner as we work through this difficult issue. Our risk management team is dedicated to coordinating our activities to ensure employee health and safety and limiting potential impacts on our operations.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this unprecedented time.

If you have questions regarding our response to COVID-19, please use the following resources.

For customer or partner inquiries, please contact your sales or partner representative. For media inquiries, email PR@Itron.com, and for investor relations inquiries, email investors@itron.com.

Tom Deitrich

Public Utilities Fortnightly Recognizes Itron Among Top Innovators in 2019

This November, Public Utilities Fortnightly released its Top Innovators 2019, and recognized the collaboration between Itron, New Cosmos and Con Edison as one of the top innovations of 2019. This year’s Top Innovators recognized nearly 140 innovators from 46 qualifying nominations.

Itron, New Cosmos and Con Edison collaborated to develop and deploy nine thousand battery-powered smart natural gas detectors in New York. The smart devices were developed by New Cosmos with Itron’s Milli™ 5 battery-optimized communications module and operate on Con Edison’s Industrial IoT network from Itron.

Operating on Itron’s secure, standards-based network, the natural gas detector sounds an audible alarm if it detects natural gas in the atmosphere where the device is installed to alert anyone nearby. In the case of a leak, the device will also immediately communicate with the utility, which will respond with a crew(s) and notify the local fire department so they can respond and investigate. The alarm, which includes a voice recording that advises building occupants to evacuate, will continue to sound until the utility silences the unit. Learn more about the deployment in this video.

Itron is honored to be a part of this innovative collaboration with New Cosmos and Con Edison.

Itron Appoints Sarah Hlavinka as Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Sarah Hlavinka has been appointed as Itron’s new senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary, effective Aug. 6, 2018. Hlavinka brings more than 25 years of experience as a senior advisor and business executive with broad-based experience and legal background in the information technology, service, manufacturing and healthcare industries. Most recently, Hlavinka served as executive vice president, general counsel and secretary at Xerox Corporation. Prior to Xerox, Hlavinka was an executive vice president, general counsel and secretary at ABM Industries Incorporated, a leading provider of integrated facility services, for nearly 10 years. Previously, she has served in various legal roles in companies, including Fisher Scientific International, Benchmark Electronics, Hewlett Packard Company and Cooper Industries.

“Sarah is a results-driven professional with a diverse background and proven track record managing a wide array of issues, including corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, and litigation,” said Philip Mezey, president and chief executive officer of Itron. “Sarah’s depth of experience in the technology sector will be invaluable to Itron as we continue to evolve and grow our company.”

“I’m excited join to Itron and bring my expertise to the company in advising senior executives on legal issues, from corporate governance to risk management,” said Hlavinka. “I look forward to building relationships across the organization and with the board of directors as we work together to serve our customers in the utilities and cities sectors.”

Itron President and CEO Speaks at Senate Hearing

Last week the U.S. Senate announced a two-year budget deal that included $20 billion for infrastructure. This week, the Trump administration announced plans to invest $200 billion to spur $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investments. Infrastructure appears to be top of mind in our nation’s Capitol.

Seeking to understand how to best address the nation’s energy infrastructure demands, the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources held a hearing on Feb. 8 to examine the evolution of energy infrastructure in the U.S. Philip Mezey, Itron’s president and chief executive office, was invited to testify at the hearing to share examples of targeted infrastructure improvements.

During his prepared remarks, Mezey emphasized that smart technology pinpoints the most vulnerable aspects of energy infrastructure to help prioritize smart grid investments. Highlighting case studies from Texas, New York, North Carolina and Washington, Mezey shared how smart technology provides the tools to understand where to invest money and when.

For example, CenterPoint Energy in Houston saved 45 million outage minutes after hurricane Harvey thanks to its smart infrastructure. Despite the destruction left by the hurricane, CenterPoint Energy’s grid remained resilient, providing more effective power to their customers.

“As of a result of the smart infrastructure they’ve invested in, they saved over 17 billion truck rolls,” Mezey said. “This has been a tremendously positive business case and they continue to explore how they can drive even greater benefits.”

Mezey’s presence at the hearing was thanks in part to Itron’s longstanding relationship with Senator Maria Cantwell. As the current ranking member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Cantwell has been a key advocate for Itron on Capitol Hill for many years. During the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, Cantwell was instrumental in ensuring that Itron’s customers would not be excluded from the smart grid grant program, which provided utilities with matching grants up to $200 million.

“At a minimum, we want to make sure that any national discussion about infrastructure includes energy and water delivery, which is why this hearing was a win for us,” said Dan Pfeiffer, Itron director of government and regulatory affairs. “Strong relationships with our Congressional delegation are critical to ensuring that Itron’s interests are considered in national legislation.”

Playing an important part in the discussion on energy infrastructure, Itron is committed to providing safety and resourcefulness to the energy grid. Mezey’s testimony at the senate hearing was one step toward a better energy landscape in the U.S. With smart technology, capital can be allocated more effectively to manage existing assets for longer and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

“We at Itron deeply believe that investments in smart grid technology are not only showing basic business case benefits, but also helping utilities better understand how to allocate scarce resources, manage their assets more effectively and prepare for the 21st century grid requirement,” Mezey said in closing.  

Itron’s Michael Rufo Receives IEPEC’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Itron’s Michael Rufo, an executive consultant with the Consulting and Analysis group, was recently honored with the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference’s (IEPEC) Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented at this year’s conference in Baltimore on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017.

The award, which is only given out every two years, recognizes a leader in the energy services evaluation field for their significant contributions to the industry.

The award was presented to Rufo for his contributions to the energy efficiency industry over the last 25-plus years. Rufo has built a reputation for innovation, integrity and leadership that is due not only to the quality of his evaluation work, but his unique foresight and ability to leverage and integrate evaluation results into planning, forecasting and policy in ways that have materially moved the evaluation field forward to greater impact and relevance.

Rufo served for many years on the board of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT) and Clean Power Campaign (CPC). He was also influential in the founding of the California Energy Efficiency Industry Council and served on its initial board. In 2003, Mike received the Association of Energy Engineers, San Francisco Chapter’s, Energy Policy Advocate of the Year Award for his work on energy efficiency following the California energy crisis.

Learn more about the award and past recipients from the IEPEC website.

Itron and Omron Creative Labs Collaborate to Enhance Smart Cities and Public Safety

Omron Creative Labs of Omron Electronic Components LLC and Itron Idea Labs will be teaming up to demonstrate the Omron D7S Seismic Sensor and Itron Riva Development Kit to detect and evaluate seismic activity at Sensors Expo and Conference in San Jose, June 27-29.

The demo aims to detect earthquakes earlier, enhance public safety and mitigate damage from secondary hazards such as fire. To achieve this vision, Omron Creative Labs took the Itron Riva Development Kit and created a seismic sensor daughterboard to gather seismic activity, ground acceleration and velocity data using an Itron Riva peer-to-peer network.

The demo is a table-top display featuring a small-scale doll house atop a shake table and outfitted with the Omron Electronic Components LLC’s seismic sensor featuring Itron Riva edge intelligence. Activating the shake table via a tablet device simulates an earthquake. The seismic sensor located in the dollhouse detects the motion of the shake table and sends an alarm message through the Itron Riva network to a natural gas valve for automatic shut off.

The combination of the Omron Electronic Components LLC’s seismic sensor and Itron Riva platform demonstrates how modern urban infrastructure can be used to automate important safety tasks across utilities and public agencies to improve the outcome after a natural disaster, such as an earthquake. With next generation technology, it is possible to revitalize existing city infrastructure and integrate technology into the physical environment to enhance and improve the economy and safety of a city and the daily lives of its citizens.

To learn more about the demo, visit us at the Sensors Expo in booth #1121. For more information on Itron Idea Labs and Itron Riva Development Kits, visit https://itronriva.com.

Itron Continues Support of Envision America Workshop in Second Year

Itron will once again be among the partner companies lending expertise to 10 participating cities during Envision America’s 2017 workshop in Charlotte, NC from March 6 to 8. 

Envision America issues a challenge to America's cities to become smarter by accelerating deployment of innovative technologies that tackle energy, water, waste and air challenges. Participating cities include Jackson, MS; San Antonio, TX; Wichita, KS; Providence, RI; Burlington, VT; Detroit, MI; Chula Vista, CA; Greensboro, NC; Kansas City, MO; and Birmingham, AL.

During the workshop, representatives will collaborate with industry and academic experts as well as entrepreneurs to develop innovative strategies to help implement "smart" projects in their city. They will diagnose needs, uncover solutions and develop new smart initiatives for their communities.

For Itron, Envision America represents a meaningful and critical opportunity for our technology, services and solutions to step-up and stand behind the national vision of creating a more sustainable and resourceful America.

To learn more about Envision America, visit http://envisioncharlotte.com/envision-america.

Itron President and CEO Philip Mezey to Be Featured Speaker at Carnegie Mellon University

On Feb. 16, 2017, Itron President and CEO Philip Mezey will be an honored guest at Carnegie Mellon University’s Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation, where he will participate in two events focused on issues affecting energy and water.

As a part of the institute’s Distinguished Lecture Series, Mezey will lead a discussion on “Energy & Water: Powering the Modern City," focusing on the intersection of energy and water management and the Internet of Things. During the sold-out event, Mezey will cover the challenges and opportunities utilities, cities and citizens face as they invest in infrastructure and think about the future of energy and water. He will specifically address how precious resources are being wasted and what technology and solutions can be applied to ensure sustainable cities in the future.

Secondly, Mezey will participate as a panelist during the special event, “Building a Resilient, Smart and Sustainable City: The Energy-Water Nexus.” The event will gather national thought leaders and distinguished guests as they discuss the issues and opportunities surrounding the nexus of energy and water management, both nationally and in Pittsburgh. The evening event will feature keynote speaker Dr. Michael E. Webber, deputy director of the University of Texas at Austin’s Energy Institute, followed by a panel of industry experts including Mezey and leaders from the City of Pittsburgh, Peoples Natural Gas, Duquesne Light Company and Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College. Drs. Jared L. Cohon and Anna J. Siefken of the Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation will moderate the session.

To learn more about CMU’s Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation, visit https://www.cmu.edu/energy. 

Itron Among Most Promising IoT Solution Providers

Itron was recently named one of the 50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers by CIOReview for laying the foundation for flourishing communities with safe and reliable electricity, gas and water.

The most promising IoT solution providers are selected based on their ability to offer cutting-edge technologies and solutions that add value to the IoT landscape. The companies are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the IoT space and were honored for their collaboration, and ground-breaking and disruptive technology.

Itron was recognized for its OpenWay Riva IoT solution, which introduces distributed computing power to analyze data at the edge, advanced communication options that assure both high performance and reliable connectivity, and an open application environment to run apps in field devices.

A panel comprised of CEOs, CIOs and IT VPs, including CIOReview editorial board, selected the final list of 50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers 2016. For more info, go to www.cioreview.com.

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