Resourcefulness isn’t just our mission – it’s in our DNA. It is more than a mantra, it’s a passion, and we aim to inspire and educate others to join in creating a more resourceful world. Knowledge is power, and because the way we manage our world’s most precious resources is so critical and because technology will play a key role in the future of energy and water management we need to attract the best and brightest to the utility industry. STEM education will be vital as our industry addresses resources challenges today and tomorrow.Resourcefulness iPad

With the recent launch of Resourcefulness, an app-based STEM curriculum to be used for all ages and all classrooms, in partnership with Dr. Michael Webber of the University of Texas at Austin and Disco Learning Media, Itron hopes to get this important curriculum in the hands of as many students in the U.S. and around the globe as possible. The interactive app aims to improve water and energy literacy, encourage conservation and resourcefulness, and inspire the next generation of innovators around the globe.

In the utility industry, there is an aging workforce and skills gap in STEM-related fields. We have discovered a powerful tool for increasing awareness of energy and water resourcefulness, and the intersection of public-private partnerships that are critical for educational success. That is why we want to share our observations, learnings and insight into how we’re addressing the STEM gap at SXSWedu Conference and Festival March 6-9, 2017 in Austin, Texas.

The SXSWedu PanelPicker community voting has begun, and we hope to gain enough votes by Sept. 2 to present the benefits of collaboration between industry and education, how Resourcefulness can be used in classrooms and communities to teach key concepts on energy and water. Please vote here and join us on our journey to create a more resourceful world.

Please vote for both panel submissions below:
Public/Private Partnerships for EDU Success
Mind the STEM Gap: Powering Education with Apps
The educational app is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.