It is day four at CES and almost time to leave. It’s the King’s birthday, my twentieth time at CES, during CES’s 50th anniversary, and a great day to be here.  An interesting day for anyone interested in numerology.

I want to close this series with a summary of what Itron Idea Labs showed at CES. We focused on demonstrating Industrial IoT with nine live action stations on one OpenWay network. Each of them had the canonical IoT architecture: The network, cloud intelligence, sensors and controls back to the endpoints. In addition, each system demonstrated could perform actions with local computation—true Edge computing.

We showed a miniature water distribution system with leak detectors, pressure sensors and a valve to apply a leak. We had an EV charging station, a gas pipeline with a leak sensor that closes a gas gate when it detects a leak. We even has a miniature house that shakes and a gas gate that closes when a seismic detector detects an earthquake.

Let’s take the rest of the day off and start thinking what to show at CES 2018 on Monday!